Prestashop Image Types CSV Import Watermark bug


Our customer reported an error last week: If they select the image types in the Prestashop Watermark plugin, after a CSV product-import there will be watermark on all image types not just on the selected ones.

However, after a full image-regeneration the watermark will be correctly placed on the chosen picture types again.


The AdminImportController regenerates images from largest to smallest, always using the closest/previous image. If one image here gets a watermark, all smaller images will have it, too.


Uncomment the following lines from the AdminImportController.php (around line 1099):

if ($tgt_width <= $src_width && $tgt_height <= $src_height) {
    $path_infos[] = array($tgt_width, $tgt_height, $path.'-'.stripslashes($image_type['name']).'.jpg');


We hope we could save you some time with this.

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